Do you prefer to watch a movie or a series, and why?

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Do you prefer to watch a movie or a series, and why?

The Timeless Debate: Movies or Series?

As an avid lover of both movies and series, it’s often a challenge for me to settle on just one side in this age-old debate. Which is better, and why? It's akin to choosing between a gourmet meal served on a silver platter and a potluck dinner; each has its own taste and charm that's hard to resist.

As a family man, and a film enthusiast, the battle roars on even during our movie nights. Heather likes the commitment of a series, whereas I, more often than not, go with the singular satisfaction of a movie. But, why is it so? Allow me to share my perspective on this fascinating conversation. The aim is not to end a war, but to relish the battle.

The Allure of a Single Frame: Movies At Their Best

The first thing that captures my attention about movies is the compact storytelling. The entire narrative unfolds within a span of usually two to three hours. This format forces writers to carefully manage the subject material and keeps me on the edge of my seat. It is akin to a well-crafted novel that you can experience in a single sitting.

Movies also offer a singular narrative vision. Each scene is meticulously crafted to serve the overarching storyline and on point character development. This artistic concentration often lends a unique quality to the cinematic experience, making it more memorable.

And finally, each movie operates in isolation. This means, often, you sit, you consume, you walk away, hopefully having been transformed or moved in some way. Whether it's a high-brow art film or a popcorn blockbuster, the cinematic experience is a standalone tale, there to be cherished in its moment.

Strings of Continued Engagement: Series and Their Comfort

Now, let's turn to the world of series that Heather, my wife, so adores. Contrary to movies, a series, be it a sitcom or a drama, offers a more extended connection to its storyline and characters. You journey with them across seasons, watching them evolve, and often find yourself forming an emotional bond, just as Heather does.

Another aspect of series that cannot go unmentioned is their convenience in today’s busy world. A series is a gift that keeps on giving over time. You can watch an episode on your commute, during a lunch break, or as a nightcap before falling asleep. They fit into pockets of free time, making them an urban luxury of sorts.

And then there's the aspect of suspense a series can provide. When a season ends on a cliffhanger, the anticipation it builds up is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, an unparalleled rush of adrenaline and curiosity, making you come back for more.

Crossroads: Movies and Series Collide

Interestingly, in the recent times, a happy blend of movies and series has emerged – the mini-series. These combine the long-winded engagement of series with the concentrated narratives of movies. They provide a middle ground that offers the best of both worlds. Remember the wave of excitement surrounding "Chernobyl"?

Mini-series, much like a well-written novella, offer you the chance to delve into the nuances of the plot and characters, but within a fixed and comparatively shorter timeframe. They make for an immersive viewing experience, respecting your commitment and rewarding you with a satisfying closure. I can honestly say that both Heather and I find a lot of common ground when choosing a miniseries for our weekend binge.

Final Verdict: A Matter of Personal Choice

With all this said, the movie versus series debate comes down to personal preference. What type of narrative format sits well with you? Or what does your schedule allow?

Whilst writing this article, our Golden Retriever, Jake, popped into my mind. Just like Jake would prefer a solid bone to gnaw on for hours, some might find the extended enjoyment of a series more fulfilling. However, if you’re more of a cat person, like our Siamese, Nala, the elusive satisfaction a standalone movie brings might appeal to you more.

A Quirk in Time: That One Experience

Did I ever tell you the story of how Heather and I celebrated our first anniversary? With a newborn Beckett to look after, we couldn’t leave our Perth home for an extended vacation. So, we made a pact: to explore the world through movie titles, one from each country.

Over the span of a year, we dove into the unique cultures, heard tales of the locals, and fell in love with the diversity humanity offers, all from our comfy couch. This marathon gave us an understanding of how beautiful, intense, and capturing a single movie can be. The versatile flavours each movie added on that global platter remains one of my cherished memories.

But, fast forward a couple years, and there we were with Hollis, our second born, impatiently awaiting the next episode of "Stranger Things". An equally engaging and thrilling adventure, the commitment to a series allowed us to continuously speculate, laugh, and connect on a weekly basis. A shared suspense that built our week, a family huddle that became a ritual.

The Curtain Closes

As the credits of this discussion roll, remember, the way you enjoy a story doesn't define its worth. The choice between a movie and a series is personal and largely driven by your mood, availability, and preference on that particular day. It's what makes our film culture so diverse and dynamic. Whether you relish a standalone narrative served up as a gourmet dish or take delight in the leisurely buffet of a series, remember, we're all united in our love for good storytelling. So here's to many more nights of grabbing that family bucket of popcorn and entertaining our imagination, no matter what we choose to watch!

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