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CineMalin: Film Commentary is an independent online publication that seeks to bring a new generation of critical eyes to filmmaking. Neither a blog nor a Murdoch-owned newspaper, CMFC works directly with filmmakers, producers, writers, and behind-the-screen talent to establish new precedents for online journalism. As such, our business model is easily broken down, our deadlines can become easily disestablished for opportunities of priority, and naturally, our cashflow can be limited.

At C.M. Film Commentary, every cent you help to donate goes towards furthering perspectives on movies from cinephiles and everyday moviegoers alike. Similarly, each cent is appreciated and rewarded with weekly e-mail updates, conscientious social network shout-outs and a critical forum for discussion. We thank you in advance for your attention and contributions – as there is no end goal in mind, it takes, we know, a leap of faith to make any donation. Any questions or queries as to where donations go can be sent to my our critic and publishing editor, Sean Malin, at Or you can just say hello.

To make a donation and leave a nice note, please visit:

Our thanks once again for supporting adventurous film criticism and the spoken, written, and discussed word.

SLM and Team


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